Along with coaching, Allena presents workshops in a variety of areas. She presents workshops for the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture throughout the year. She is also available to produce her workshops for you with a minimum of 10 attendees. Costs vary depending on the workshop and the distance traveled. Workshops are ideal for small group meetings, bridal showers, community munches and other groups that meet on a regular basis. Please contact her for more information.

Here is a Sarah’s feedback about the Polyamory and Difficult Conversations workshops:

“Your talk about jealousy brought up a lot for me because I was in an abusive relationship for a while where my former partner wouldn’t let me hug my friends and shamed me for showing love to anyone that wasn’t him in any way, so your talk about jealousy was powerful and brought up a lot for me. It was helpful and amazing, and I learned what jealousy actually is (usually insecurity) and I better understand my former partner’s behavior although I still label it as abusive. Maybe it wouldn’t have gone as far as abuse if I heard your talk earlier in life and was able to communicate with this man more articulately using your tips. Alright, enough of the shoulda, woulda, couldas.”

Sarah’s full statement can be seen on the Testimonials page.

List of Workshops

20 Principles To Try to Live And Relate By And Other Tips For Healthy Relationships
Based on her upcoming book Allena Gabosch will give you tips and ideas on how to navigate your relationship, whether monogamous or poly or something in between.
The class will include an overview of the 20 Principles to Try to Live and Relate By that she created with her former husband Steve. She’ll give you guidance on how to have that difficult conversation with your partner or partners. She’ll share tips on navigating conscious relationships, whether polyamorous or monogamous. Finally, she’ll show you how to have a “Happy Ending”, ending a relationship and staying friends.
Join her for a lively discussion and a sneak preview of her book!
Difficult Conversations. Relationship 201
Want to talk to your partner about changing something in your relationship? Opening it up? Trying a new kink? Is there an issue or problem you just keep avoiding? Do you put off conversations hoping the problem will just go away or that your partner can read your mind? It’s really not as hard as you think, you just have to be willing to take a chance, be vulnerable and speak up. Allena will give you tools and techniques on having those tough conversations.
The Good The Bad and The Poly
Polyamory is a much misunderstood lifestyle. This will be an open and honest discussion about Polyamory in all its forms, from someone who has done it for 30+ years. Polyamory is an incredible lifestyle, but not always an easy one. It has a lot of rewards, but there are also a lot of pitfalls and potential disasters. Learn Allena’s 20 “Relationship Principles” (great for anyone, poly or mono). Find out tips on making it easier to live within your “polycule”. Come prepared to be part of this dialogue and share your poly experiences.
Beyond Polyamory
The number one question that anyone Poly gets is “don’t you ever get jealous?” or some similar. Jealousy is a normal emotion and yes, most Poly folk get Jealous. Just what is Compersion? Is it possible? Is it the opposite of Jealousy or something completely different? Allena will discuss jealousy and compersion and how to achieve compersion and share some tips on what to do when jealousy hits. She’ll also discuss how to deal with altering relationship dynamics (ie: breaking up). Join Allena for a frank discussion of Jealousy, Compersion and Relationship Changes in Poly relationships.
Solo Poly
(can you be single and poly or does that just mean you’re a a slut?)
Are you looking for a primary? Or are you happy without a primary. What do you tell that new person in your life? Is single poly just dating?
Being single and poly has it’s own set of issues and concerns. Most poly classes and books spend little time on those of us who are not in traditional primary coupled poly or who live in poly families. Join Allena for a lively discussion on Solo Poly and get valuable tips and ideas on how to navigate the poly world.
A New Sexual Renaissance
Creating Sex Positive Culture and bringing sex back into the BDSM Picture.
This is more of a discussion than a workshop. Time after time I hear from people in our community that BDSM is not sex. Well I disagree. Join me for this discussion and let’s discover ways to bring a more sex positive culture into your local bdsm scene and into your play. Sex and BDSM go hand in hand (or hand in . . . . ?)
Happy Endings — Breaking up…how to do it and stay friends
Breaking up is hard to do — and staying friends afterward even tougher. Staying friends after a breakup requires you to have the kind of relationship that encourages such actions. Allena will give you tips and techniques on how to form a relationship that if it ends, you can still maintain a close friendship with your former partner. And, if and when it does end, she’s got more tips on how to maintain that relationship even as it morphs into something else. This has worked for her so well, that she is still good friends with almost all of her former partners (she’ll also talk about when it’s healthier to not remain friends)
This is not just a “how to break up” class but a “how to have a healthy relationship” class.
BDSM, Laughter and Making a Scene (Humor in BDSM play)
The dungeon is often a very serious place. However, at times tickling the funny bone is more enjoyable than subspace! Allena will review and demonstrate some of these aspects, including:

  • the relationship between humor and humiliation
  • times when humor is particularly effective
  • types of humor
  • examples of humor within a scene
  • importance of timing
  • humor projected inwards, between the people in a scene, versus humor projected outwards, towards and audience – and times when it crosses those boundaries
Get Your Flirt On
Flirting is natural for some folks but for most of us it takes practice. Flirting is a form of human interaction, usually expressing a sexual or romantic interest in the other person. Flirting is a way of treating serious things (such as sexual attraction) with an almost mocking or self-mocking air of ease Flirting is sometimes used as a means of expressing interest and gauging the other person’s interest in courtship, which can continue into long term relationships such as marriage. Alternatively, it may simply be a prelude to casual sex with no continuing relationship. In other situations, it may be done simply for immediate entertainment, with no intention of developing any further relationship. Whatever style of flirting you want engage in, Allena will teach you how to do it. She’ll cover some of the basics of flirting and why they work and you’ll get a chance to “get your flirt on” for real in this interactive workshop.
Aging and BDSM
We all grow older (damn it) and as we age our abilities, our interests and our health changes. This is a discussion and workshop about how to navigate aging in our community.
How can you stay happily kinky as you age?
Basic Negotiations and Etiquette for the Sex Positive Community
Negotiation is an important part of BDSM interactions and really any intimate interactions (that’s a euphemism for sex). Basically it means finding out a potential partner’s limitations, interests and physical limits. This can be in the form of discussion or, like in the 50 Shades of Gray a written questionnaire, often called a contract. Allena will share negotiation types and techniques that will hopefully not only improve your play but also your other intimate interactions. She’ll also discuss basic scene and sex positive etiquette, to help you navigate parties and events at the Center and elsewhere.
Bottoms Rights and Responsibilities
Bottoms (slaves, submissives, property, etc) have a responsibility to keep themselves safe, healthy, emotionally balanced and physically fit. They also have a right to keep themselves safe, healthy, emotionally balanced and physically fit. How do you meet all your Tops (Master, Dom, Owner, etc) demands and still meet your own needs? This workshop will provide information about your rights and responsibilities, how to safeguard them and help you to recognize your own needs to be the best possible bottom you can be.
I want this to be a round-table type discussion with us talking about the rights and responsibilities we have to ourselves, to our partners, to our sisters and brothers and our community. I will give you my own opinions, but there is no “one true way” toward being a submissive/slave/bottom.
Decorative Play Piercing
Come and Play! This workshop is a hands on workshop. Everyone will leave with a handful of pretty needles to decorate your favorite bottom. No experience necessary as the beginning of the class will cover play piercing basics. If you’ve got feathers, beads or other pretties you’d like to put on needles bring them, but plenty of bling will be supplied. Come prepared to poke and be poked!