Angela and Chris:
Chris, my husband, and myself have recieved helpful coaching from Allena. She does so in a matter-of-fact, down to earth manner.
We are currently in a process of awakening our sex life after a 2 year hiatus. Currently, I heal a history of sexual abuse in early childhood, AND discover that I am kinky. This is a large order, but not for Allena.
As a coach, Allena is approachable and friendly. She meets you where you are at. Allena is fun to be with and learn from. She answeres ALL of your questions. She teaches with clarity and simpliity, giving good examples to illustrate the instruction.
Not only that, Allena’s follow through is stellar. She is extremely knowledgeable and generous with information and resources in this field.
Thank you Allena for your encouragement and support. It has made a difference!

From Sarah, about the Polyamory and Difficult Conversations workshops:
Love you!
First, again, thank you deeply. I learned a lot from you in one day and what I learned I can use for the betterment of my life and all my relationships (past and future). Sometimes, I forget that I can’t control my emotions and can control my actions! I love thinking about relationships that didn’t quite work in the long run as romantic relationships as gifts given, gifts received, and wrongs I’ve done. Sometimes, I dwell on the wrongs that were done to me and the abuse I’ve suffered, but when relationships don’t work, there are two people and two sets of ideas and emotions involved, and blaming one side isn’t cool. Thank you!
What do you think of this little saying from some dude in Hawaii about getting your ego out of relationship problems? It’s, “I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.” I find that helpful to repeat to myself toward anyone I’ve ever had a disagreement or problem with. It goes along the same lines of what you were saying, to focus on the wrongs you have done rather than the wrongs that have been done to you as a point of focus for a learning experience.
Your talk about jealousy brought up a lot for me because I was in an abusive relationship for a while where my former partner wouldn’t let me hug my friends and shamed me for showing love to anyone that wasn’t him in any way, so your talk about jealousy was powerful and brought up a lot for me. It was helpful and amazing, and I learned what jealousy actually is (usually insecurity) and I better understand my former partner’s behavior although I still label it as abusive. Maybe it wouldn’t have gone as far as abuse if I heard your talk earlier in life and was able to communicate with this man more articulately using your tips. Alright, enough of the shoulda, woulda, couldas.
Your talk was life changing. I’m not trying to gush, but I found it extremely valuable to understanding my past and in navigating my current and future relationships.