Coaching is not therapy. Therapy deals with your past and coaching takes you from the present into the future: a future that is fully self-expressed and rewarding. And that’s what I can do for you! We all have times where we just need someone to give us that push to move forward in our lives. I can be that someone.

Polyamory coaching
Polyamory is an amazing way to live and also complicated and at times frustrating. I have been polyamorous for over 40 years and bring many years of experience to your coaching. I can assist you in opening up your relationship. If you’re newly poly I can coach you through the rough spots. If you’re single and want to be able to have multiple partners, I can help with that. I’m available to meet individually or with you and your partners.
BDSM coaching
Entering into the world of BDSM can be daunting and intimidating. I can make the path fun and easy. I can teach you basic negotiation skills and how to make sure you are safe in your journey. If you’re a budding dominant, I can assist you in developing the skills needed to be a good Top. If you’re more of a bottom (or a switch like me) I’ve got lots to offer you, too. I’ve got 20+ years in the BDSM community and have a wealth of knowledge on many areas of BDSM.

Sex, Intimacy and Relationship coaching
We have a tendency to conflate sex, intimacy and relationships even though they are three very separate parts of our lives. I can help you figure out the differences and also where they overlap in your life. I can assist you in creating conscious relationships, increasing your intimacy and improving your sex life.