Co-Presented Workshops

Allena co-presents workshops in a variety of areas with other great talents in the sex-positive field. Costs vary depending on the workshop and the distance traveled. Please contact her for more information.

With Nekole Shapiro

Nekole Shapiro helps you dive into your body to find your own best expert for your own best life. With her roots firmly in Tantra, she weaves her lifetime of body-work experience together with her Columbia University pre-medical and cultural anthropology studies to create ground breaking education experiences for parents, birth pros, sex educators, activists and countless others searching to bring the human back to humanity. Her “almost indescribable” approach is catching on and changing lives!You can learn more about Nekole at

List of Workshops with Nekole

Sex, Intimacy and Relationship
Sex? Intimacy? Relationship? Do you know the difference?
Do you ever find yourself lost and confused about sex, intimacy and relationship? Do you ever wonder about a relationship after you have had sex with someone? Do you ever find yourself yearning for a deep intimate connection with someone and then find yourself having sex you didn’t really want to have? Do you ever find yourself really wanting to have sex with someone you really do not want to have a long-standing relationship with? Would you like to have more clarity to help you navigate these situations?
Join Allena Gabosch and Nekole Shapiro in a workshop designed to clear up some of the ambiguity around these topics so that you can more joyfully and powerfully engage in the culture of Sex-Positivity.
What is Sex?
There is the question: What is Sex?
Do you have the answer? Do you and your partner have the same answer? Does the person across the room from you have the same answer? Are you all ready, willing and able to have a discussion about What is Sex?
It’s hard to have fabulous consensual sex with another when no one has words to negotiate with. Join Allena Gabosch and Nekole Shapiro as they keep the conversation going on What is Sex? as part of their Sex, Intimacy and Relationship Series. You will be surprised how much you learn.
“The classes I took from Nekole and Allena make me feel like a genius! I can not thank them enough for the tools and clarity that followed and continues to follow.” Series Attendee
Introduction to Sex, Intimacy, and Relationship Series: A workshop with Nekole Shapiro and Allena Gabosch.
Increasing Intimacy
Question: What do Hot Sex and Good Therapy have in common?
Answer: Quality attention and attuned awareness.
Quality attention and attuned awareness are skills that deserve to be studied and practiced. They can mean the difference between a human-to-human interaction that fills our wells and one that leaves us feeling drained. It can also mean the difference between mediocre and mind blowing sex.
Spend 4 hours with Nekole Shapiro as she supports you to more deeply connect with yourSelf and others. Exploring Intimacy will direct your attention toward your capacity to be present with yourself and others by using Oxytocin

generating exercises and Tantric practices. Come to class prepared to breathe, move and release things that may be keeping you from attaining or deepen these skills.
This is a clothed class. Touch will be incorporated into the training. Consent will also be emphasized as a practice before each exercise.
Conscious Relationships
Do you know how to have a Conscious Relationship?
Have you ever found yourself relating to someone and wondering why it felt so uncomfortable or why you weren’t enjoying it more? Have you ever thought about what it means to be in a relationship and what different types of relationships you are managing in your life? Have you ever thought about what kinds of relationships really work for you?
Relationships are not easy to navigate. Bringing our conscious selves to meet each other in the context of relationship can be a challenge. Join Allena Gabosch and Nekole Shapiro for their workshop designed to bring greater awareness to the topic of relationship. Allena has been polyamorous since before the term was coined. After 40+ years she thinks she has figured out some of what it takes to make it work. Nekole has been highly fulfilled be her 20+ year monogamous relationship with her husband. From such two different experiences, these two agree their success all points back to their ability to create Conscious Relationships.
Boundaries and Edges in Sex Intimacy and Relationship
Let’s take these distinctions between Sex, Intimacy and Relationship one step deeper and take some time to investigate our edges and boundaries in relation to all three. Join Allena Gabosch and Nekole Shapiro as we explore our edges and boundaries in Sex, Intimacy and Relationship. You know this will be very fertile ground!